Creating Legacies One Round at a Time
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Boxing is a very good cardiovascular workout. It is also a fun, high impact circuit training that focuses on strength, conditioning, and technique. Taught in a group setting, this class is designed for all skill levels.

Monthly Membership - $75

Youth Training and Mentoring Program

Legacy Boxing is a 501c3. Youth training and mentoring involves much more than preparation for competition and physical fitness. This training is designed to give youth participants the skills they need to succeed in and out of the ring. Goal setting, perseverance, respect and determination are stressed throughout the program. Whether participants are interested in competing or trying a new sport, they will find it easy to step into this class. The training is designed to improve strength, conditioning, and technique while giving them the confidence and skills needed to succeed both in or out of the boxing ring.

Monthly Membership - $50 ages 8-18, 

Competition Boxers

Designed to improve strength, conditioning, and technique while building confidence to perform in the boxing ring. Boxers can compete at both amateur and professional levels.

Monthly Membership - (prices based on age, as described above)


Coach Rich


Richard Ueding-Lox

Sports Conditioning
General Fitness

Rich is a husband and father of four, Rich loves his family more than anything.   Boxing, though, is a close second.  Rich started boxing at 6 years old at a gym that his uncles opened to keep local youth out of trouble.  Living in a low income, single parent home, Rich saw many of his relatives and family friends become addicted to drugs, get involved in crime, become imprisoned,  and even lose their lives.   Determined to change his future, he decided to take a different path.  Rich went on to win State Silver Gloves, Junior Olympics,  and State Golden Gloves titles as an amateur boxer. A cancer survivor, college graduate and a retired professional boxer, Coach Lox was featured in matches on Fox Sports, Telemundo, and HBO PPV during his career.    

As an adult, Rich felt called to impact youth and young adults through the sport.   He wanted the youth and young adults that train in the gym to know that they did not have to follow the paths laid out before them.  He wanted to help them build their future and leave their legacy.  It is for these reasons that Legacy Boxing Gym exists today. 

  • Amateur Boxing Record 154-56

  • Pro Boxing Record 10-8-1

  • 4-Time Silver Gloves Champion

  • 2-Time State Jr. Olympic Champion

  • Iowa Golden Gloves Outstanding Boxer

  • Iowa Golden Gloves Sportsman Award


"The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses, behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights."

— Muhammed Ali