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Since we opened our doors, we’ve always been committed to empowering athletes to go to the next level. Custom gear is a great way to not only express yourself and team, but to gain that extra piece of confidence you've been looking for. Tap in and unlock the greatness behind that name!


Before you place a custom order you will need to email us at to work out the details of your custom order! We will need all of the following items of information in the email. Missing a step will elongate the process so read carefully!

Pick YOUR piece

Let us know what item you would like to have customized!

Example: Sparing/Bag Gloves, Headgear, protector, etc.



How would you like your item to be customized? SIZE, colors, name or word to be embroidered, placement, etc.


Important Information

We will need your name, phone number, and shipping address


Send It

Press send! We will respond to you as soon as possible. Now move on to STEP TWO


Place a Custom order Purchase

After you complete step one, purchase a "Custom Gear Item" matching the item listed in your email. We will need to verify that your purchase and email have matching items and shipping addresses before we can complete your order.



Please allow 6-8 weeks for your custom gear to be delivered! 

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